28. Excel How to edit a drop-down list ?

For example, a sheet with a "City" column to which we have added a drop-down list:

Excel 2016 Example Drop-down list

The list of cities is stored for example in another sheet:

Excel 2016 Example Drop-down list

How to modify the drop-down list associated with the City column?

  • Case 1: Add a city to the list
  • Case 2 : Select another list

1 – Add a city to the list

To add a city or cities to the drop-down list, then simply add it or them to the list on sheet 2. But, they must be inserted into the existing list. That is, if you add them at the end of the list, then you will need to re-select them to be taken into account.

2 – Selecting another list for the drop-down list

To select another list for the drop-down list or to expand the one already defined:

  • Click on the Data tab of the Ribbon
  • Click on the Data Validation command. The Data Validation dialog box is opened.
  • Delete the address stored in the Source field of the dialog box and enter the address of the new list or select it to be added automatically.

Excel 2016 Data Validation dialog box

  • You can also change the Input Message or the Error Alert.
  • Confirm with the OK button.

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